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Cloth nametags will be available again soon. Be sure to check with your commander before ordering from our site. We want to work with the Civil Air Patrol members to produce the highest quality product available. In order to maintain uniformity you should first get permission when ordering from a source other than Vanguard as not all squadrons may approve secondary sources. We will only be producing regulation style nametags. Sorry, no callsigns or friday tags (unless special permission is given by your commander)

We are currently still making:

Regular military badges are avaiable on fabric.

These are made to order for personal use and not stocked therefore please allow standard 3-5 days production plus shipping. We no longer require minimums. I strongly suggest that you confirm the badge you want is approved before ordering it as not all military badges are approved for wear by the CAP and are not returnable.

The image below shows examples:

Click here or on the image below to order.