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What we CAN'T do:

We may no longer supply, sell, or manufacter any items relating to or containing reference to Civil Air Patrol or it's logos.

This includes but is not limited to items for specific squadrons that incorporate the C.A.P logo or badges in their design, BDU tapes, flightsuit nametags, hats, and patches containing civil air patrol badges either alone or in combination with stardard military badges regardless of availability, or lack thereof though C.A.P.

Please direct any and all questions on this matter to Civil Air Patrol Headquarters.

What we CAN do:

HOWEVER, we are able to provide the standard MILITARY BADGES on aquamarine or navy blue fabric.!

These are made to order for personal use and not stocked therefore please allow standard 3-5 days production plus shipping. We no longer require minimums. I strongly suggest that you confirm the badge you want is approved before ordering it as not all military badges are approved for wear by the CAP and are not returnable.

The image below shows examples:

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